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Complete Care Center of Michigan’s Grand Blanc area takes pride in supporting women’s health throughout their lifespan. That’s why they are pleased to offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy accessible to men and women in Genesee, Oakland, and Lapeer counties with hormone imbalance.
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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy/Women's Health Q & A

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What is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and is it safe?

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is an alternative to traditional synthetic (man-made) Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) (Premarin, Prempro, Estratest). BHRT uses natural plants (Yams/soybeans) to make estrogen and progesterone that is bioidentical to your body NOT synthetically made ingredients that sometimes promote toxic reactions that develop into cancer. Additional side effects of synthetically made hormones are weight gain, acne, facial hair, insomnia, among many others. According to all of the latest literature, the synthetically made hormones are culprits for cervical and breast cancer and early Alzheimer’s disease. We took all of our female patients off of synthetic hormones in 2001.

In addition to providing hormones customized for our patients, the team of doctors at Complete Care Center offers diet and nutrition counseling, stress reduction services, and ongoing assessments of your body’s needs.

Who needs bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?

Menopause is caused by a natural or surgical gradual change in the amount of hormone produced by the ovaries and uterus. Several significant changes occur as somatic, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. These may precede and accompany menopause which usually occurs between 40 and 56 years of age. These symptoms can actually occur before menopause due to a hysterectomy or oophorectomy creating hormone imbalance. Women are so much more sensitive to hormonal changes than men.

Why use salivary testing?

Saliva contains measurable traces of all hormones left in the body after it has used what it needs. Hormones in saliva more closely match with clinical symptoms than serum (blood) hormone levels. Your blood will give you normal serum hormone levels 99% of the time regardless of your symptoms. Saliva testing will not. Saliva testing is offered at Complete Care Center through Diagnos-Tech, Inc.

Hormonal imbalances in your body can contribute to a host of conditions. Even if you are in your 30s, there could be signs of imbalance that mimic the classic signs of aging. These signs may include memory loss, weight gain, low sex drive, sleep disturbances, moodiness, hair thinning or loss, depression, and decreased energy. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a consultation for BHRT may help.

Insurance & Payment Information

We will gladly bill most insurance plans. However, we may not be considered a "preferred provider" on your particular plan, which means your insurance may not pay the full amount or you may have different deductibles. You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to inquire about your specific benefits. No Insurance? OR insurance we don't participate with? We can still see you! We have special reduced Time of Service (TOS) pricing for patients in this situation. A special Health Share Plan Membership product is also available. The membership is essentially creating a direct primary care relationship between you and your provider. Please visit or contact our office for more information.

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