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The physicians and staff at Complete Care Center in Grand Blanc, Michigan understand that you want health care delivered with minimal waiting and as fast and easy as possible. For the convenience of their patients, Complete Care Center offers telemedicine so that they can skip the drive and see the doctor wherever they are. Whether patients are in Grand Blanc, Holly, Flint, or away for vacation, they have access to telemedicine services.
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Telemedicine Q & A

Complete Care Center

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is an online appointment by way of a two-way, encrypted, real-time interaction between patient and a healthcare provider. The appointment is supported by the use of a computer (desktop or laptop) or any mobile device with a webcam, microphone and internet connection. In a way, telemedicine is much like a general doctor visit in which you are meeting with your physician for the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and/or monitoring of medical conditions.  The only difference is that you may be miles away from the doctor.  

What services can I get through telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows you to meet with your doctor for ongoing evaluation much the same as you would if you had driven to our Grand Blanc office. At Complete Care Center, we use telemedicine to provide consultation and referral services for patients to assess a condition and its need for a specialist visit. We monitor existing conditions through home telehealth where we can keep a close eye on diagnostic results, behavior, symptoms, and vital signs. Rest assured; we will only recommend an online appointment when it’s appropriate. If your condition requires a hands-on examination, we will require an in-office visit. Click here for a list of all telemedicine appointments offered by Complete Care Center.   

Are telemedicine appointments covered by insurance?

Telemedicine appointments are typically covered by your regular health insurance – you’ll be charged the same co-pay as an in-person visit, or you can choose self-pay.  

What are the benefits of using telemedicine?

There are a multitude of advantages to using telemedicine in the delivery of modern healthcare. Due to advances in technology, we are now able to reach patients in remote and rural locations who may not have the ability to visit a physical location. Telemedicine allows our patients to save on gas, drive time, patient wait time and in your office or on your cell phone allow our providers to deliver top-quality medical care with easier access and reduced staffing cost.  At Complete Care Center, we use Chiron Health for our telemedicine appointments. Patients can find more information about how an appointment works by visiting Chiron Health.

So ditch the drive and follow up with your provider remotely using telemedicine!  

**Please call our office to schedule all telemedicine appointments. 

Insurance & Payment Information

We will gladly bill most insurance plans. However, we may not be considered a "preferred provider" on your particular plan, which means your insurance may not pay the full amount or you may have different deductibles. You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to inquire about your specific benefits. No Insurance? OR insurance we don't participate with? We can still see you! We have special reduced Time of Service (TOS) pricing for patients in this situation. A special Health Share Plan Membership product is also available. The membership is essentially creating a direct primary care relationship between you and your provider. Please visit or contact our office for more information.

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